Groundwater Remediation Vinyl Chloride

January 6th, 2020|

Customer Type: Industrial groundwater remediation co. Wastewater: Groundwater oils/fuels, solids, iron/zinc, vinyl chloride Equipment: Plate DAF, chemtreat Pan America Environmental, Inc. was contracted by a groundwater remediation company with an old industrial waste storage site for a 4 week pilot of a groundwater treatment system to remove iron, metals, emulsion and solids prior to deep well injection. Vinyl chloride was also present and was removed via the chemical treatment recipe PAE created for the site. PAE consulted with the customer throughout the pilot to vary dosing and other system parameters until [...]

Dinky DAF Dissolved Air Flotation Systems

January 4th, 2020|

Customer Type: Industrial, food production, animal/vegetable processing, many others Wastewater: FOG, petroleum oils/fuels, groundwater, solids, many others Equipment: Dinky DAF Dissolved Air Flotation The Pan America Environmental, Inc. Dinky DAF dissolved air flotation systems are versatile and very flexible in waste water treatment and can treat heavy loads of solids, oils, fuels, animal and vegetable products, emulsion breaking, RO filter pretreatment, algae removal and many many other waste types. System: - Dinky DAF 304 SS tank - RSS Recycle Saturation System to provide super saturated recycle stream to inlet - Hopper bottom, auger bottom, flat [...]

Commercial Grease Interceptor

January 4th, 2020|

Customer Type: Commercial kitchen/Food processor Wastewater: Brisket cooking water with fats, oils, greases and solids Equipment: GTI Grease Interceptor A commercial meats producer contacted Pan America Environmental, Inc. to provide a solution for high rate FOG removal resulting from a high volume brisket cooking production line. The production would produce 650 gallons of FOG water every 1.5 hours in batches. PAE created a continuous batch processing treatment system with collection tank, pumping systems and our GTI high rate grease interceptor, chemical pretreatment and DAF for final treatment prior to sewer. The GTI [...]

API Oil Water Separator

December 13th, 2019|

Customer Type: Oil Refinery, produced water, industrial wastewater Wastewater: Produced water, refinery wastestreams, oils, fuels, solids Equipment: API Oil Water Separators The API oil water separators are a versatile oil water separator design that can accommodate high solids and high oil concentrations in a wide variety of applications. The Pan America Environmental API design offers many different configurations to adapt the design to everything from vegetable processing, bilge water treatment to oil refineries. We can customize this product line to your needs. Options: - Flat bottom design - V-hopper bottom [...]

Vehicle Wash National Park Service

December 8th, 2019|

Customer Type: Vehicle wash waterrecycle Wastewater: Washwater, oils, fuels, solids Equipment: Clarisep-4, ZeoMaxx filtration A US national park contracted Pan America Environmental, Inc. to design and provide a vehicle wash water treatment recycling solution for one of its national park maintenance facilities. The facility produces a wash water from its summer and winter vehicles and equipment as well as from rebuilding of mechanical equipment and produces about 15 GPM of wastewater. The primary goal was to create a reusable water for washing and use fresh water for rinse. As the facility is remote in [...]

Whey Production Wastewater

December 3rd, 2019|

Customer Type: Dairy whey production Wastewater: Whey/milk solids water Equipment: DAF-85 A large whey producer contracted Pan America Environmental, Inc. to design and provide a whey production water treatment and conditioning solution for one of its dairy processing facilities. The facility produces a variety of whey based products and produces about 125 GPM of wastewater & CIP water. PAE began the process with on site jar testing to determine proper chemistry, dose, sludge generation and process requirements. Once the process and chemistry were determined the treatment system was designed and fabricated [...]

Tank Farm Stormwater Runoff

December 3rd, 2019|

Customer Type: International tank farm. Wastewater: Stormwater with petroleum oils, fuels, petroleum derivitives, tank bottom processing. Equipment: OS series oil water separator. A major international tank farm company that distributes petroleum and petroleum derivitives contracted Pan America Environmental, Inc. to design and provide a stormwater treatment solution for one of its locations in Indonesia. The tank farm produces 1800 GPM of both stormwater and tank bottom wastewater. PAE provided an OS Series oil water separator to treat water from the storage tank bottoms and stormwater collected within the bermed tank areas. Equipment: - OS-720 - [...]

Mobile Water Treatment Systems

December 1st, 2019|

Customer Type: Sources with oily water contaminated wastewater. Wastewater: Process water with petroleum oils and fuels, natural oils and variety of solids. Equipment: All oil water separator models PAE oil water separators can be mounted on trailers, field skids and shipping containers for fast mobilization. Many of our options can be integrated including a power generator and controls.

Flavorings Manufacturing

November 18th, 2019|

Customer Type: Flavorings and fragrances for food and personal care products manufacturer. Wastewater: Process water with natural oils and variety of solids. Equipment: FB-5CS76 A major, international flavorings manufacturer contracted Pan America Environmental, Inc. to design and provide a 1000 GPM oil water separator for one of its USA based production facilities. The facility produces hundreds of products and produces process production and CIP water. The customized system consists of: - FB oil water separator - Perimeter handrail with stairs on each end of tank - Conductive level sensors - Platform with stairs - Drum [...]

Vehicle Washwater Treatment

November 9th, 2019|

The Pan America VEW Vehicle Wash treatment systems can be configured for treating wash water from train wash, car wash, truck wash, aircraft wash and a variety of other wash water applications. Standard systems are available up to 300 GPM and custom sizes are offered for all greater flow rates.