Customer Type: Wash water generators
Wastewater: Vehicle wash facilities
Equipment: VEW and ZeoMaxx Filtration

Pan America Environmental, Inc. provides wash water treatment systems.
Wash water is created with car wash, truck wash, military, oil field, train and aircraft wash facilities. Pan America can provide skid mounted, container and trailer mounted stationary or mobile treatment systems to fit your application.

The VEW systems offer oil water separation, solids filtration, chemical pretreatment, flotation, oxidation and a variety of filtration media filters with our ZeoMaxx systems. All our systems can be sized for any flow rate.

Treatment Solutions

– Oil water separation
– Solids filtration prior to ZeoMaxx filters
– ZeoMaxx AC830, Z200 and other of our medias
– pH neutralization
– Chemical treatment
– Inclined plate clarifier settling
– Oxidation
– Disinfection

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