Customer Type: Those with oil water separators or need ows
Wastewater: Oils, fuels, vegetable oils, biodiesel, solids
Equipment:  Oil water separators, Flopak, Retpak, HDQ pak coalescing media

Pan America Environmental, Inc.
provides a variety of oil/fuel coalescing media for the removal of all types of oils, fuels and derivatives.

We can retrofit existing or new tankage into high performance ows and replace existing under performing media for increased throughput and removals. We offer assistance in designing concrete separators implementing our media packs.

The Flopak media family can also be provided in singular and multiple media packs in standard and custom dimensions for simple installation for flow rates 5 to 250,000 + GPM.

Can be provided loose or packed into ready-to-drop-in stainless steel pack frames.

Treatment Solutions

  • Flopak coalescing media
  • HDQ pak coalescing media
  • Retpak secondary coalescing media
  • MP Series media pack systems
  • RS Series oil skimmers
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