Customer Type: Fertilizer Production Plant
Wastewater: Oils, solids, minerals
Equipment: OSe oil water separators, STAX ChemTreat, Dinky DAF, PLC/HMI

Pan America Environmental, Inc.
The owner of A new billion dollar fertilizer plant project contracted Pan America Environmental, Inc. to design and provide a dual treatment train system to treat process water for the new facility. PAE accommodated the anticipated chemical process with a full system design, facility layout and chemical process review. The system process consists of dual trains of:

Following installation of the system PAE assisted with a successful startup & training.

The OSe separator was installed and performed per the lab testing.

Treatment Solutions

– OSe-64 oil water separator
– STAX-43 flocculation system
– ChemTreat Series chemical metering system
– Dinky DAF-45-H system with RSS-1240 recycle system
– Pumping systems
– Master Control Panel with PLC/HMI

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scott spalding