Flavoring & Fragrance Wastewater

June 4th, 2021|

Customer Type: Flavorings and fragrances for food and personal care products manufacturer. Wastewater: Process water with natural oils and variety of solids. Equipment:  Oil water separator model FB-5CS76, 304 SS Flopak coalescing media Pan America Environmental, Inc. Treatment Solutions A major, international flavorings manufacturer contracted Pan America Environmental, Inc. to design and provide a 1000 GPM oil water separator for one of its USA based production facilities. The facility produces hundreds of flavorings, fragrance products and general process production with CIP water containing oils, solids & VOCs. Installation An installation drawing set was provided to [...]

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Coalescing Oil Separation Media

June 4th, 2021|

Customer Type: Those with oil water separators or need ows Wastewater: Oils, fuels, vegetable oils, biodiesel, solids Equipment:  Oil water separators, Flopak, Retpak, HDQ pak coalescing media Pan America Environmental, Inc. provides a variety of oil/fuel coalescing media for the removal of all types of oils, fuels and derivatives. We can retrofit existing or new tankage into high performance ows and replace existing under performing media for increased throughput and removals. We offer assistance in designing concrete separators implementing our media packs. The Flopak media family can also be provided in [...]


Fertilizer Plant Water Treatment

June 4th, 2021|

Customer Type: Fertilizer Production Plant Wastewater: Oils, solids, minerals Equipment: OSe oil water separators, STAX ChemTreat, Dinky DAF, PLC/HMI Pan America Environmental, Inc. The owner of A new billion dollar fertilizer plant project contracted Pan America Environmental, Inc. to design and provide a dual treatment train system to treat process water for the new facility. PAE accommodated the anticipated chemical process with a full system design, facility layout and chemical process review. The system process consists of dual trains of: Following installation of the system PAE assisted with a successful [...]

API Oil Water Separator

May 12th, 2021|

Food Processing with API Oil Water Separators Pan America Environmental, Inc. recently provided three customized API-100-V oil water separator systems to a major international food producer for treating a variety of wastewater from barge wash water to flour settling. The system designs allow the operators to directly reuse the tank volume through flow balancing for site operations where water quality allows water reuse thereby reducing water and peripheral equipment costs. With floating and sinking solids and oils the API with V-hopper, sludge auger and surface drag skimmer was the perfect solution for [...]

Mine Water Treatment

May 12th, 2021|

Uranium Mine Water An international mining company contracted Pan America Environmental, Inc. to provide one of our Slant Plate Clarifier and coagulation/ph/flocculation pretreatment system to remove metals and minerals from mine water in a corrosive environment. We designed and provided a polypropylene system construction for this application in combination with our OSe series polypropylene oil water separator for oil and fuels removal. Pan America Environmental, Inc. offers most of its products in a variety of different materials of construction.

Metals & Oils Water treatment

May 12th, 2021|

HVAC Products Manufacturing Production Water Pan America Environmental, Inc. provided a ChemTreat/Slant Plate Clarifier system with many options and dewatering system to a major HVAC system manufacturer for the removal of metals, solids and emulsions. Following a series of jar testing in our testing laboratory and on site including analytical testing Pan America provided the full treatment system, which performed as designed. The chemistry provides: Metals co-precipitation with simultaneous emulsion breaking and solids flocculation in a dual, sequential reaction tank design prior to our SPC Slant Plate Clarifier. Additional metals that [...]

Refinery Oil Water Separator

May 12th, 2021|

Tank Farm Stormwater Corrugated Plate Interceptor An international tanking company contracted Pan America Environmental, Inc to design and provide our TPi oil water separator design customized as a ten channel, multi-tank, Corrugated Plate Interceptor oil separation system in concrete construction. The total throughput is 10,000 GPM and includes TPi Wave Plate coalescing packs and two RS series adjustable rotary oil skimmers in each channel. The TPi is available in steel, polypropylene and concrete for any flow rate required for your project.

Vegetable Processing

June 20th, 2020|

Customer Type: Vegetable processing plant Wastewater: Vegetable processing waste water Equipment: API oil separators Pan America Environmental, Inc. provides solids treatment systems. Pan America was contracted by a large food processor to remove vegetable pieces such as potato, broccoli etc. Pan America provided an API250 to settle vegetable matter in a 150 GPM flow rate. The system was installed and function as designed with some floatable and some sinking solids. The sludge auger and surface drag skimmer provided effective removal after separation. Installation The API250 separator was installed and performed per the lab testing. Treatment [...]

Solar Farm Heat Transfer Fluid Separation

June 15th, 2020|

Customer Type: Energy Production, Solar Farm Wastewater: Therminol heat transfer fluid waste water Equipment: OSe oil separators Pan America Environmental, Inc. provides oily water treatment systems. Pan America was contracted by a major energy producer that was developing a solar farm. Pan America provided an in-house lab testing program to determine the best treatment process. Solar farms use heat transfer fluids in the collection of sun based energy. The heat transfer system uses a transfer fluid known as Therminol. This fluid wastewater appears and behaves like oil within a certain temperature range and becomes a solid [...]

Decane Octadecane Wastewater Treatment

June 14th, 2020|

Customer Type: Industrial waste hauler facility Wastewater: Oils, TSS, decane, octadecane, COD, BOD, TSS Equipment: Pan America Environmental OSe-36 oil water separator, ZeoMaxx Filtration Pan America Environmental, Inc. provides production wastewater treatment. A large waste hauler contracted Pan America to provide oil water separation to one of their truck wash/repair facilities, which worked fine for years after installation. After a period of time they found they had decane/octdecane in their waste water and contacted Pan America for a solution. After analyzing and testing the waste water with our ZeoMaxx products we provided our ZeoMaxx AC830, [...]