Customer Type: Energy Production, Solar Farm
Wastewater: Therminol heat transfer fluid waste water
Equipment: OSe oil separators

Pan America Environmental, Inc. provides oily water treatment systems.
Pan America was contracted by a major energy producer that was developing a solar farm. Pan America provided an in-house lab testing program to determine the best treatment process. Solar farms use heat transfer fluids in the collection of sun based energy. The heat transfer system uses a transfer fluid known as Therminol. This fluid wastewater appears and behaves like oil within a certain temperature range and becomes a solid at a certain temperature. the OSe series oil water separator was determined to be the best choice for the Therminol removal. The untreated water oil concentration was 1700 mg/L and the post treatment concentration was 2.4 mg/L

The OSe separator was installed and performed per the lab testing.

Treatment Solutions

– OSe Oil water separation
– 304 SS construction (standard), Others:316 SS, coated A36 steel, polypropylene,
– Flopak and HDQ pak coalescing media
– Adjustable 304 SS oil skimmer
– V-shaped sludge hopper
– Vapor retaining cover
– Legs

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