Customer Type: Customization of industrial wastewater treatment systems
Wastewater: All types
Equipment: All Pan America Environmental product lines

Pan America Environmental, Inc. provides customization for approximately 80% of the projects it produces.
From large full facility treatment systems, individual dedicated single waste treatment systems to small pilot and R and D project systems. Handling flow rates from 3 GPM to 30,000 GPM and greater we can create a solution to meet your needs, facility needs and regulatory requirements. 30 years of creative solutions and successful installations has positioned Pan America as a premium industrial wastewater solutions provider.

– Dissolved air flotation
– Oil water separators
– Slant Plate Clarifiers
– Chemical treatment
– ZeoMaxx Filtration
– Solids filtration
– pH Neutralization
– Batch treatment systems
– Dewatering systems
– Vehicle wash treatment systems

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scott spalding