Customer Type: Commercial kitchen/Food processor
Wastewater: Brisket cooking water with fats, oils, greases and solids
Equipment: GTI Grease Interceptor

A commercial meats producer contacted Pan America Environmental, Inc. to provide a solution for high rate FOG removal resulting from a high volume brisket cooking production line. The production would produce 650 gallons of FOG water every 1.5 hours in batches. PAE created a continuous batch processing treatment system with collection tank, pumping systems and our GTI high rate grease interceptor, chemical pretreatment and DAF for final treatment prior to sewer. The GTI is a unique design where multiple disc skimmers, high skim rate rotary skimmer, heaters and solids collection basket allow high flow/high FOG rate wastewater to be processed quickly reducing the FOG load to sewer. Additional treatment is provided to further reduce any emulsified oils and neutrally buoyant solids. We can customize this product line to specific plant and process needs.

– 1000 gallon 304 SS collection tank with heater and transfer pump
– GTI-1650 high rate grease interceptor
– STAX flocculation system
– DAF-45-H flotation system
– Float pumpout system
– Sludge pumpout
– PLC/HMI controls

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scott spalding