A major, international OEM automotive body parts and parts manufacturer contracted Pan America Environmental, Inc. to lab test samples, design and provide a full treatment system to handle all wastewater from a stamping and machining plant operation.

PAE began the process with jar testing at our in house lab to determine proper chemistry, dose, sludge generation and overall process requirements. After a site visit where the installation location was reviewed for a full system layout design based on system, process and operations requirements, a full facility layout drawing package was produced. Once the process and chemistry were determined the system was designed and installed.

The system consists of:
– Collection/EQ tank, transfer pump
– Oil water separator
– Chemical pretreatment
– Effluent solids filtration
– Effluent ZeoMaxx Z200 filtration system
– Dewatering filter press
– Pumping systems
– PLC/HMI control system

Following installation of the system PAE assisted with a successful startup and training.

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scott spalding