Industrial wastewater treatment facilities receiving a variety of industrial wastes for pay from local companies needing a flexible treatment system can apply a variety of Pan America technologies to handle their ever changing customer wastes.

Pan America provided a full treatment process with bypassing and recombinations of multiple oil water separators, multiple chemical reactions, DAF, filter press for dewatering, five large receiving tanks to segregate and classify the incoming waste types various filtration types and bio reactor gave the facility a highly flexible capacity to treat for metals, oils, emulsions, solids, MBAS, VOCs, ammonium and a litany of waste types. The process begins with waste testing, classification and unloading at the receiving station then passage through an oil water separator, deposit in the receiving tanks and scheduling for treatment wherein the operator determines treatment processes and expedites treatment. Jar testing is used to determine proper chemistry, dose, sludge generation and overall process requirements then treatment is performed. Once the process, chemistry and treatment are completed the water is again tested and discharged to sewer

The system had to be located on one level, so equipment elevation was provided as required for gravity flow. The PLC/HMI controls, chemical makeup and metering systems perform precise dosage control with repeatable, recallable recipes in the PLC logic for regular and recurring waste types through regular customers.

Following installation of the system PAE assisted with startup and training.

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