A telephone pole production/preservation company contracted Pan America Environmental, Inc. to perform lab testing of their preservation solution and design and provide a  treatment system to treat their difficult multi-phase production preservation solution waste for one of its production facilities. The waste has three different, stratifying characteristics that develops within the same storage tank. As the tank is drained down each stratified layer and its differing densities and appearance is detected and alarmed wherein the PLC system changes the chemistry doses to accommodate each layer variation.

PAE began the process with jar testing in our in house lab to determine proper chemistry, dose, sludge generation and overall process requirements. Once the process and chemistry were determined the system was produced and installed.

The system consists of:
– Chemical pretreatment
– Effluent solids filtration
– ZeoMaxx AC830 carbon filter
– Dewatering filter press
– Pumping systems
– PLC/HMI controls

Following installation of the system PAE assisted with a successful startup and training.

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scott spalding