Customer Type: Industrial gases production
Wastewater: Oil, ammonia, nitrogen, phosphorus, COD, BOD, TSS
Equipment: Pan America Environmental ZeoMaxx Filtration

Pan America Environmental, Inc. provides production wastewater treatment.
The process of producing industrial gases can generate a variety of contaminants such as ammonia, nitrogen, phosphorus, oils, TSS, BOD, COD.

Filtration Method
The filtration process used to remove these contaminants consists of the ZeoMaxx Z200, Z100C, Z300 and AC830 media filters plumbed in series. In a case study of this type of application the following performance was recorded:

  • BOD: 91% reduction
  • COD: 87%
  • TSS: 73%
  • Ammonia: 82%
  • Phosphorus: 72%

This simple, step-by-step treatment train will also remove BTEX, VOCs, metals and a wide variety of other products and organics. The ZeoMaxx systems can be sized for any flow rate.

Treatment Solutions

– Solids prefiltration prior to ZeoMaxx filters
– ZeoMaxx Z200, Z100C, Z300, AC830

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