Customer Type: Industrial waste water generators
Wastewater: Oily waste water
Equipment: OSe oil separators and ZeoMaxx Filtration

Pan America Environmental, Inc. provides oily water treatment systems.
Industrial wastewaters often contain oils, fuels and a wide variety of derivative products. The OSe series oil water separators are an economical choice with features and performance to meet your facility needs.

The OSe separator systems offer oil water separation, solids filtration, variety of pumping system options. All our systems can be sized for any flow rate.

Treatment Solutions

– OSe Oil water separation
– 304 SS construction (standard), Others:316 SS, coated A36 steel, polypropylene,
– Flopak and HDQ pak coalescing media
– Adjustable PVC oil skimmer
– V-shaped sludge hopper
– Vapor retaining cover
– Legs

  • – ZeoMaxx AC830, Z200 and other of our medias
    – pH neutralization
    – Chemical treatment
    – Inclined plate clarifier settling
    – Oxidation
    – Disinfection
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