A large power generation company with high volume water discharge recently required placement of two identical oil water separators to treat coolant water from one of their plants prior to discharge to a local river where previous accidental oil discharge due to equipment failure had been an issue on rare occasion.

PAE was contracted to review, design and provide a solution for two discharge streams of 4,000 GPM and 9,600 GPM flows with each to be handled separately. The solution was an at grade concrete design using our Flopak MP media pack systems with all internals to create a high performance oil water separator for gravity flow. After PAE engineered the design and provided the separator design for approval PAE and the customer engineers worked together to finalize integration and effluent diffusion plans with their available land space and discharge flumes. The concrete design also incorporated walkable FRP covers, sheen baffles and oil pumpout systems.

Following installation of the system PAE assisted with a successful startup and training.

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scott spalding