Our Parts Department can provide you with any replacement part for your Pan America Environmental, Inc. Industrial Waste Water Treatment System as well for many competitors’ designs.

Coalescing media: PVC construction, ½”, ¾” and 1.2” spaced plate
Clarifier Components: Slant plate packs, sludge auger components, chemical pumps, mixers, rebuild kits, instrumentation
Dissolved Air Flotation: Recycle system parts, wipers, flights, wear bars, chemical pumps, mixers, rebuild kits, instrumentation

Replacement Components

Parts for most major components

Valves: Butterfly, Ball, Needle and Globe
Actuators: Pneumatic and Electric
Pumps: Centrifugal and Positive Displacement, air operated, rebuild kits, seals
Motors: TEFC, explosion proof, wash down duty
Mixers: Direct drive, gear reduced
Chemical injection: Packaged or Custom, pumps, fittings, controls, rebuild kits
Instrumentation: pH probes, pH controllers, transmitters, level switches, relays, timers, etc.

Coalescing Media

For Oil/Water Separators

Pan America Environmental also supplies parts for competitive equipment including the following companies and many others (some of which are no longer active in the market):

Ellis Corp
Ecologix Technology
Great Lakes Environmental
MW Watermark
Hydro-Flo Technologies