Customer Type: Industrial shipbreaking facility
Wastewater: Oil, fuels, TSS, metals, COD, BOD
Equipment: Pan America Environmental OS 64 oil water separator system

Pan America Environmental, Inc. provides wastewater treatment.
An international shipbreaking company contracted Pan America to provide a treatment system to remove oil, fuels and TSS from a shipbreaking operation. The process of breaking up ships to extract the scrap steel can generate a variety of contaminants such as oils, fuels, TSS, bilge, metals, BOD, COD among many others.

Separation & Filtration Method
The initial treatment begins with oil separation and solids filtration. The OS64 used in this operation was provided for removing bunker, diesel and other marine fuels at a flow rate of 110 GPM. Pre-separation is important when the contaminants are variable, so an EQ/presep tank was provided to handle this and settle heavy loads of readily settleable solids. A sludge pump on the presep tank and OS64 remove settleables to a sludge storage tank for disposal by hauling after using the compression settling of the sludge tank to thicken the sludge.

As is common with oil separation treatment we recommend also using our ZeoMaxx filtration processes to remove these contaminants and more. The typical ZeoMaxx system would consist of the ZeoMaxx Z200 and AC830 media filters plumbed in series after the oil water separator. In an application of this type additional, effluent filtration can be provided to further reduce oils/fuels, metals and other contaminants, which can polish the effluent prior to sewer discharge. See the ZeoMaxx brochure for more detail.

This simple, step-by-step treatment train will also remove BTEX, VOCs and a wide variety of other products and organics. The ZeoMaxx systems can be sized for any flow rate.

Treatment Solutions

– Pre-separation cone bottom tank
– OS64 oil water separator with Retpak
– Oil pumpout
– Sludge pumpout
– Effluent oil monitoring/alarming
– 3-way effluent bypass tied into monitoring