Customer Type: Industrial, food production, animal/vegetable processing, many others
Wastewater: FOG, petroleum oils/fuels, groundwater, solids, many others
Equipment: Dinky DAF Dissolved Air Flotation

The Pan America Environmental, Inc. Dinky DAF dissolved air flotation systems are versatile and very flexible in waste water treatment and can treat heavy loads of solids, oils, fuels, animal and vegetable products, emulsion breaking, RO filter pretreatment, algae removal and many many other waste types.

– Dinky DAF 304 SS tank
– RSS Recycle Saturation System to provide super saturated recycle stream to inlet
– Hopper bottom, auger bottom, flat bottom tank styles
– Surface drag skimmer and float chamber
– Local controls mounted on tank with relay or PLC/HMI control
– Sludge, float, effluent pumpout options
– Chemical pretreatment options
– See DAF page and brochure for more detail

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scott spalding