A major aircraft landing gear (for commercial aircraft) manufacturer requiring expansion and updating of a domestic manufacturing plant contracted Pan America Environmental, Inc. to design and build a treatment solution for treating water of heavy metals, TSS and organics from their 120 GPM process waste stream.

PAE was provided with a proper jar test program report provided by the customer’s consulting engineers, which gave a thorough breakdown of chemical reactions and expected outcomes per analytical reports including baselines. From this report PAE was able to design and provide an entire system of SPC Slant Plate Clarifier, three step, multiple chemical reaction regimen, redox, coagulation, flocculation, settling, multimedia filtration, GAC filtration and full dewatering facility with 50 Ft3 filter press, preconditioning, pumping and storage. Controls are PLC/HMI touchscreen/hand switch based with a wide variety of analog sensors throughout for feedback actions combined with auto-tune PID loops.

Prior to, during and following installation of the system PAE assisted with a successful startup, training, provided operational, engineering, electrical, chemical and process assistance.

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scott spalding