Customer Type: Glass beverage container cullet water
Wastewater: Oils, solids, fine glass particles
Equipment: OS oil water separator

Pan America Environmental, Inc. was contracted by an international beverage container company with seven US based production plants producing glass containers where oils, fine glass particulate and solids were causing production problems. PAE consulted with the customer by visiting the seven plants to determine their issues and provide solutions for each. Five plants required dual OS separators in duty/standby orientation with oil, sludge pumpout and bag filter systems with controls and two plants required singular API oil water separators.

In addition to the separator systems revised piping, troughs, pumps and solids handling equipment were recommended to increase transport velocities throughout parts of the plants to stop cullet dropout.

Following the successful installation of each system PAE provided training and startup.

– Duty/standby OS128s, OS192s, OS288s
– (1) API-400 (1) API-300
– Oil pumpouts
– Sludge pumpout
– Bag filters
– Controls