Customer Type: Industrial groundwater remediation co.
Wastewater: Groundwater oils/fuels, solids, iron/zinc, vinyl chloride
Equipment: Plate DAF, chemtreat

Pan America Environmental, Inc. was contracted by a groundwater remediation company with an old industrial waste storage site for a 4 week pilot of a groundwater treatment system to remove iron, metals, emulsion and solids prior to deep well injection. Vinyl chloride was also present and was removed via the chemical treatment recipe PAE created for the site. PAE consulted with the customer throughout the pilot to vary dosing and other system parameters until a successful process was determined to meet all discharge requirements. Due to superior vinyl chloride removal the UV/AOX oxidation system was shutdown saving the site electricity, filters and bulb costs.

Following a successful pilot period the full scale system was designed and provided by PAE where performance was met and is reviewed on a yearly basis to verify performance.

– Plate DAF
– RSS Recycle Saturation System to provide super saturated recycle stream to inlet
– Hopper bottom/auger bottom
– Surface drag skimmer and float chamber
– Chemtreat, coag/flocc/pH
– Effluent pumpout
– Multi-media filter
– AOX, UV/peroxide system
– Filter press/sludge tank
– Sludge, float, effluent pumpout options
– Controls