A major baked goods brand contracted Pan America Environmental, Inc. to design and provide a bakery production water treatment solution for one of its bakery facilities. The bakery produces 75 different baked products and produces about 75 GPM of wastewater & CIP water.

PAE began the process with on site jar testing to determine proper chemistry, dose, sludge generation and overall process requirements. Once the process and chemistry were determined a facility analysis was performed to determine location of systems and subsystems. As the available space was rather varied and non-contiguous the system had to be located in one elevated location and one ground floor location. The controls, chemical makeup and metering systems are on the ground floor while a drum screen, chemical reaction tanks and DAF, remote MCP are elevated.

Following installation of the system PAE assisted with a successful startup, training, provided a chemical supply program shipping chemicals monthly to the site and maintains a regular visitation to keep in touch with the operation.

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scott spalding