Catepillar brand Kemper Valve contracted Pan America Environmental, Inc. to design and provide an automated batch treatment system to treat a machining coolant and cleaning/paint solution mixture for 750 GPD + that needed to discharge to sewer while reducing labor to handle the complex mixed waste treatment, which was previously performed by hand in rudimentary tankage.

PAE began the process by visiting the site, taking samples for jar testing at our in house lab to determine and improve chemistry, dose, sludge generation and overall process requirements. After performing jar testing the system design was established and included: Batch tank, metering pumps, remote feed pumps to transfer coolant from 3 remote process sumps, dewatering filter, effluent pump, treated water storage and chemical makeup. The controls are a PLC/HMI touchscreen design with automation of the entire step by step process with continuous, repeating batch processing unless interrupted by operator or shut down via chemical supply level detection.

Following installation of the system PAE assisted with successful startup and training.