Customer Type: Industrial waste hauler facility
Wastewater: Oils, TSS, decane, octadecane, COD, BOD, TSS
Equipment: Pan America Environmental OSe-36 oil water separator, ZeoMaxx Filtration

Pan America Environmental, Inc. provides production wastewater treatment.
A large waste hauler contracted Pan America to provide oil water separation to one of their truck wash/repair facilities, which worked fine for years after installation. After a period of time they found they had decane/octdecane in their waste water and contacted Pan America for a solution. After analyzing and testing the waste water with our ZeoMaxx products we provided our ZeoMaxx AC830, which worked better than expected reducing the oils and decane/octodecane to non-detect levels.

Filtration Method
The filtration process used to remove these contaminants consists of the ZeoMaxx AC830 media filters plumbed in parallel for a flow rate of 50 GPM.  The following performance was recorded:

    Pre/Post (mg/L) ND = Non-Detect

  • Oil: 70/ND
  • Decane: 15/ND
  • Octadecane: 18/ND

This simple, step-by-step treatment train will also remove BTEX, VOCs, metals and a wide variety of other products and organics. The ZeoMaxx systems can be sized for any flow rate.

Treatment Solutions

– OSe36
– Effluent pumpout, bag filter prefiltration prior to ZeoMaxx filters
– ZeoMaxx dual AC830 filter system

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