HVAC Products Manufacturing Production Water

Pan America Environmental, Inc. provided a ChemTreat/Slant Plate Clarifier system with many options and dewatering system to a major HVAC system manufacturer for the removal of metals, solids and emulsions.

Following a series of jar testing in our testing laboratory and on site including analytical testing Pan America provided the full treatment system, which performed as designed. The chemistry provides: Metals co-precipitation with simultaneous emulsion breaking and solids flocculation in a dual, sequential reaction tank design prior to our SPC Slant Plate Clarifier. Additional metals that fall further outside the required pH set point for maximum insolubility can be precipitated and captured via metals scavengers and/or other chemical combinations. The system uses our new proprietary HMI/PLC controls for simplified, intuitive operator interface.

The system includes sludge pumpout, sludge storage, effluent pumpout, solids filtration, dewatering filter press and a few feedback sensors for pressure, flow and pump feed indication.

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scott spalding