Washbay Solutions


The Pan America Environmental Washbay Solutions is a group of washpad designs for vehicle wash facilities consisting of standard washpad and sump combinations as would be typically used in most washbay facilities.


  • Demonstrates typical washpad design
  • Flow rates for any size facility can be accommodated
  • Construction:  concrete
  • Many possible integrated options
  • Highly customizable designs with small through large facility needs

Process Overview

The Washpad designs are most commonly used wherever vehicle and equipment wash facilities need to have a proper washpad and collection design to control washwater prior to treatment.

How It Works

The Washpad systems provide a design to capture solids, control water flow/runoff path, collect water, settle solids and provide a pumpout point to feed the water to a treatment system.


Ideal For:

  • Light duty single washbay
  • Medium-heavy duty washbay
  • Military wash racks
  • Corporate vehicle washbays
  • Forklift washbay
  • Aircraft wash facility
  • Oil field washdown facilities

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