The Pan America Environmental VEW series is a family of vehicle washwater treatment systems consisting of a coalescing oil water separator, effluent pumpout, effluent solids filter and our Zeomax polishing filter designs that can be applied to vechile wash and many other applications where oils, fuels, solids and contaminants are present.


  • Proven reliability
  • Flow rates from 5 to 500 GPM
  • Construction:  304/316 SS, PVC, FRP, polypropylene/polyethylene
  • Small footprint
  • Many possible integrated options
  • Variety of plate spacings
  • Highly customizable design

Process Overview

The VEW design is most commonly used wherever oils, fuels and solids can come into contact with a wastestream and are designed to handle solids.

How It Works

The VEW system typically starts with a feed pump to transfer washwater to the oil water separator for solids and oils removal. After the separator stage, the water is pumped out of the separator and through our BF series Bag Filter solids filter system, then the BF discharge is plumbed to our exclusive Zeomaxx polishing filter to remove more contaminants. Once the treated flow exits the Zeomaxx filter it is directed to sewer or reuse.


Ideal For:

  • Car wash
  • Military wash rack
  • Aircraft wash rack
  • Heavy equipment wash facility
  • Forklift wash facility
  • Train wash
  • Facility wash water
  • Barge wash water
  • Groundwater remediation

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