Superaerator & EnBio


The Pan America Environmental Superaerator series is a combination of our EnBio biomedia metering pump and sump/basin aeration systems consisting of a precise chemical metering pump, aeration pump, air diffuser and controls.


  • Reduces odors in sumps/tanks
  • Meters EnBio bacteria/enzyme media into system
  • Aerates sump for bacterial oxygenation
  • Construction:  Coated carbon steel, 304/316 SS, FRP, PVC, polyethylene
  • Mounts on wall or equipment

Process Overview

The Superaerator design is most commonly used wherever oils, fuels and solids can come into contact with a wastestream sump, pit or tank and odors are present.

How It Works

The Superaerator aeration pump draws ambient air from it’s location (no compressor required) and pumps it under pressure to the single or multiple aerating diffusers located in the sump for continuous aerations. The EnBio metering pump pumps the EnBio media into the sump at preprogrammed intervals throughout the day, week & weekend.


Ideal For:

  • Triple Basin treatment
  • Oil water separators
  • Industrial holding ponds
  • Oil production ponds
  • API separators
  • Refinery collection pits & tanks
  • Steel mill collection pits & tanks
  • Military wash racks
  • Bilge tanks

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