The Pan America Environmental Mudblaster series is a high volume, low pressure water blast system to quickly remove dirt and debris from a vehicle consisting of a pump, hose and valve assembly, storage tank and controls.


  • Quick mud, dirt and debris removal
  • Flow rates from 20 to 50 GPM
  • Construction:  Coated carbon steel, 304/316 SS, polyethylene
  • Small footprint
  • High volume, low pressure (200 psi)

Process Overview

The Mudblaster design is most commonly used wherever washpads encounter heavy, caked on solids removal prior to washing a vehicle.

How It Works

The Mudblaster system provides a clean water storage tank, blaster pump, flow control/cycling piping, hose, pistol style spray nozzle and controls. When the pump is turned on and the spray nozzle lever opens the valve the water sprays wherever pointed.


Ideal For:

  • Heavy equipment washdown
  • Large vehicle washdown
  • Mining equipment washdown
  • Aircraft washdown

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