The Pan America Environmental Filterpac series is a family of vehicle washwater treatment systems consisting of our BF filter system, Zeomaxx filter system and a feed pump to transfer a pretreated or preused waste stream to the Filterpac system.


  • Flexible system design based on project erequirements
  • Flow rates from 5 to 500 GPM
  • Construction:  FRP, aluminum, 304/316 SS, polypropylene/polyethylene
  • Small footprint
  • Many possible integrated options
  • Highly customizable design

Process Overview

The Filerpac designs based on the Zeomaxx media are most commonly used wherever soluble/insoluble contaminants such as, oils, fuels, metals, BTEX, VOCs, fluoride, ammonia and many other types of contaminants are found.

How It Works

The Filerpac system begins with a filter feed pump to transfer washwater to the BF bag filter  for solids removal the water continues to our exclusive Zeomaxx polishing filter to remove more contaminants. Once the treated flow exits the Flterpac it is directed to sewer or reuse.


Ideal For:

  • Individual filtration of oils, fuels, metals, minerals, ammonium, fluoride and more
  • Vehicle wash water
  • Post treatment for oil water separators
  • Post treatment for Dissolved Air Flotation
  • Post treatment for Slant Plate Clarifiers
  • Post treatment for bag filters
  • Pre-treatment for RO/membrane filters
  • Pre-treatment for GAC carbon filters
  • Pre-treatment for resin filters

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