Containerized Systems


The Pan America Environmental containerized systems is a custom system that integrates shipping containers and treatment systems for mobilization or stationary installations.


  • Simplified site installation
  • Flow rates from 5 to 500 + GPM
  • Small footprint
  • Many possible integrated options
  • Most PAE systems can be containerized
  • Highly customizable design

Process Overview

The containerized design is based on any of our treatment systems with the container size being determined by the treatment system configuration.

How It Works

The system containerization starts with the treatment system design, it’s overall configuration determined, and integrated layout with the chosen container size. By using 3D design we can precisely design the layout, accessories, controls and through wall passage of plumbing and electrical. Customization is variable based on customer and application needs.


Ideal For:

  • Mobile vehicle wash facilities
  • Remote installations
  • Military installations
  • Temporary water treatment installations
  • Stationery treatment systems without available buildings

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