Slant Plate Pack


The Pan America Environmental settling medias are a group of solids separation medias for use with solids clarifiers to increase their performance and throughput. The SPP Slant Plate Pack and TubePak models offer solutions for solids settling projects at any flow rate using flat and corrugated plate packs or tube based media.


  • Increased system performance
  • Flow rates from 5 to 2000 + GPM
  • 3 Media types available with multiple plate spacings and materials of construction available
  • Construction:  PVC, CPVC, FRP, 304SS, 316SS, flat & corrugated plate
  • Plate spacings: 3/4″, 1″, 1.5″, 2″
  • Efficient designs
  • High temperature capabilities

Process Overview

The settling media designs are used wherever free or precipitated solids can come into contact with a wastestream. Our Media Packs can be used to retrofit existing tanks to increase performance.

How It Works

The SPP & Tube Packs provide a pack of angled plates or tube media in the waste stream, the tank’s flow path brings the solids bearing water to the bottom of the plate pack, it flows up through the angled pack where solids then encounter the plate/tube surface and are stopped from following the water. Gravity then takes over and the solids drop to the plate beneath and slide down the plate until they fall off the plate end and collect in the hopper bottom.  Chemical pretreatment is typically used to increase the clarifier system performance.


Ideal For:

  • Metals precipitation/settling
  • River water treatment
  • Municipal water treatment
  • Stationary & portable applications
  • Groundwater remediation
  • Mining washdown
  • Power plant water
  • Plating waste
  • Snack food processing
  • Stone cutting/polishing
  • Membrane filter pretreatment
  • Filter backwash water

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