Control Panel


The Pan America Environmental system controls provide a wide variety of function depending on the treatment system design and can accommodate remote controls and communications based on facility, operator and treatment process needs. Large and small we produce controls as simple as a single pump relay logic control or as complex as an entire bilge treatment facility MCC, PLC combination housed in a walk in stainless enclosure 15’L X 3’W X 9’H. We customize as required for each project.


  • Custom functions and controls
  • Manual and automated functions
  • Data collection, SCADA, local or remote
  • DCS integratable
  • Relay logic or PLC with HMI interfaces
  • NEMA-4, 4X, 7 and purge designs for hazardous locations
  • Steel, stainless, FRP and polymer housings offered
  • IEC, NEMA, NEC, UL, NFPA79 standards
  • MCC UL845 design standards
  • High temperature capabilities

Process Overview

The controls of a treatment system are varied and must encompass all desireable functions, alarms and feedback as the treatment process and facility operators require. By implementing PLC logic, ethernet communications, continuous instrument feedback, data logging, intelligent HMI interfacing we are able to provide state of the art controls to simplify the operator’s monitoring of system functions, thereby saving time and increasing productivity.

How It Works

The control systems are determined during the treatment process design phase and revised with the customer’s engineers to end with a control package customized with the facility, process and customer in mind.


Ideal For:

  • Feed pump control based on tank levels
  • Sludge pump control based on timers or sludge blanket detection
  • Oil pump control based on tank levels
  • Effluent pump control based on tank levels
  • Mixer control, fixed & variable speed
  • Chemical metering pump control, on/off & proportional
  • pH monitoring and pump controls
  • ORP monitoring and pump controls
  • Chart recorder interface with instrumentation
  • Flow meter output integration and monitoring
  • Data collection, logs and reporting
  • Level monitoring for water, oil and sludge
  • Alarms for high and low level indication
  • Temperature monitoring, alarming and operations based on temperature readings
  • Freeze protection control using immersion heaters and pipe tracing
  • Pressure monitoring and automatic operations based on pressure and also alarms
  • Flow diversion with actuated valves based on oil effluent content monitoring
  • Timer operations to automate process steps
  • PLC automation to control process steps as well as any other system functions replacing relay logic
  • Nema 7 explosion proof environment system design
  • MCC system designs for any control schemes requiring this design

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