Industrial Waste Water Treatment

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Products Overview

Our product line consists of designs that have application across a wide variety of industries from animal processing to zinc precipitation, ships bilge treatment to vegetable processing our designs are flexible and can be found in many different applications.


Pan America fabricates systems using coated A36 carbon steel, 304/316 stainless steel, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP/GRP) welded polypropylene, HDPE, LDPE, polyethylene and a variety of other plastics depending on application details and purpose of the part or tank.

We use the following standards and others in our system design and fabrication:

AWS D1.1/1.1M
AWS D1.6

Tank shell, baffles, cover and external structural members shall be constructed of A-36 carbon steel. Welded joints are continuous double welded and dye penetrant tested.

Surface preparation for coated tanks

Interior surfaces shall be prepared to an SSPC-SP10 near white metal blast.

Exterior surfaces shall be prepared to an SSPC-SP6 commercial blast.

Standard coatings

Interior coating will be Ameron High Build Coal Tar Epoxy Amercoat 78HB (18-20 mils DFT).

Exterior coating will be  Ameron epoxy primer, Amerlock 2, (5-8 mils DFT).  Final coat to be Ameron Amershield Aliphatic Polyurethane Enamel coat (5 mils DFT). Surface color to be Green RT-2203.

Other coatings are offered to match applications to provide more exacting protection to any specific water/contaminant types.


Internal tank piping in coated carbon steel tanks will be ASTM, A-53 black steel.

Treatment Systems

We manufacture continuous flow and batch chemical reaction systems, multi-stage-process reaction systems, pH adjustment, pH neutralization, concrete oil water separators, dissolved air flotation, induced air flotation, slant plate clarifiers, inclined plate clarifiers (lamella clarifier), AQAM media filters, organoclay filtration, carbon filters, oil water separators, API separators, CPI separators, TPI separators, coalescing media and media packs, emulsion breaking systems, car wash water treatment systems, wash water recycling systems, EnBio biological treatment and recycling systems, BOWTS bilge oily water treatment systems, groundwater remediation systems, control panels, pumping systems and bag filter systems.

Chemical Reaction Systems

Our chemical makeup and metering systems can be used with coagulation, flocculation, flash/flocculation, ph neutralization, oxidation processes, metals precipitation processes, hydroxide settling processes, chlorination, emulsion breaking processes and reduction processes. These systems can be provided before and/or after our lamella clarifiers, Dissolved Air Flotation and Oil water separator systems depending on the nature of the application.

STAX Pipe Flocculator

The Pan America Environmental STAX systems are a pipe flocculator type of design that provides multiple-chemical reaction contact in a compact, small footprint design without moving parts, wearing components and no need for power. The STAX design uses water turbulence induced by a spiral piping network to mix chemical products into a wastestream.

The design eliminates the need for mixing tanks, mixers and electrical consumption. The process takes place under highly controlled, well-defined and optimized conditions.

Features Include:

• No power requirements and no moving parts, which means minimal maintenance.
• Uniform mixing in the pipe cross-section promotes uniform flocculation.
• No mixing dead zones.

Designed for a particular flow range, each pipe flocculator can be configured with:
• Multiple chemical injection ports for up to three stage treatment (coagulant, pH adjustment and flocculant).
• Centralized, valved chemical pump connection ports.
• Multiple sample ports.
• In-line monitoring probes (pH, suspended solids, conductivity).
• Flanged and NPT connections.

STAX flocculators come with an enamel coated, A36 carbon steel support frame as either a skid-mounted design for mobility/temporary use or for permanent installations.

Unit sizes range from 1.5″ to 10″ pipe, and can be supplied in a variety of lengths and construction. Other diameters are available upon request. STAX flocculators can be customized and built to meet specific project requirements.

Slant Plate Clarifiers

Our Slant Plate Clarifiers are offered in three different models as well as retro-fit Slant Plate Packs for use in existing tanks and concrete clarifiers.

Dissolved Air Flotation

Our Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) systems are provided as the Dinky DAF, which is our small DAF systems and the larger DAF systems

Drinking Water and Municipal Clarifiers and Dissolved Air Flotation

Our Slant Plate Clarifier plate packs, Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) and recycle saturation systems are offered for drinking water and municipal installations with pre-existing or new facilities requiring the latest in settling and flotation designs to increase throughput and performance.

Oil Water Separators

We offer seven different oil water separators to accommodate most applications and facility needs. The API series: API separators are a popular device in many applications such as frac flowback water and produced water and refinery applications. CPI corrugated plate coalescing oil water separators are offered and provide state-of-the-art oil separation performance. Coalescing separators are the key to top performance and Pan America has the designs to get you to peak performance.

Coalescing Media

Oil water separation relies on coalescing media these days to provide the best performance. Pan America’ Flopak and Retpak coalescing medias offer the best oil and fuel removal efficiencies and simplicity of design and implementation. When compared to coalescing filters and other oil water separation methods Flopak and Retpak media can produce excellent results at a reasonable cost.

Retro fitting existing tanks, vaults and oil water separation tanks is easy with Pan America’ experienced sales engineers.

Flopak and Retpak coalescing media can also be used to replace competitor oil water separators and separation systems media packs. Some of the manufacturers that our oil separation media can replace are: Great Lakes Environmental, Siemens, Lancy, Ellis, Hydro-Flo Tech, Parkson and a whole lot of others.

Emulsion Cracking System

For breaking oil-in-water emulsions our EC Series emulsion cracking systems are offered. These systems are designed around a chem/phys system logic to chemically break emulsions and then physically separate the oils.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Our industrial wastewater treatment systems are designed to provide customers with reliable, automated, and effective solutions for high-flow applications for a wide variety of system configurations designed to meet the challenges of industries that face regulatory limitations, frequent changes in treatment requirements and production expansion.

Frac Water Treatment

The new FRAQ™ frac water treatment system provides a comprehensive design to allow as much or as little treatment as required for fracturing flowback and produced water projects and provides a flexible chemical reaction system design to allow use of a wide variety of chemistries.

Pan America Environmental FRAQ™ systems are a versatile design utilizing a variety of technologies for reuse or disposal of frac flowback water and produced water from gas drilling allowing high loads of a wide variety of contaminants to be removed.

The FRAQ™ systems are designed to react and float solids, oils and other materials via DAF technology.

The mobile system is based on a flexible, multi-stage chemical reaction technology that allows implementation of a variety of chemical process to accommodate changing conditions or change of site.

Hydro-Fracturing (Fracing) is the process of creating fissures or fractures in underground formations containing oil or gas which then allows oils and natural gas to flow.

These formations are typically shale and sand based. Under high pressures, sophisticated horizontally drilled wells are fractured to create the fissures and then the fissures are kept open for extraction of the oils & gases.

The process that produces these wells uses millions of gallons of water to create the well. This water most often must be treated to some degree for reuse or disposal. Other materials and a variety of combinations and concentrations can be found from site to site as contaminants are dependent on formation and geology.

Bacteria occurs and can grow in down hole fissures, structures and equipment, so biocides are used to limit this.

Batch Treatment Systems

The Batch Treatment System (BTS Series) provides a reliable and effective platform for implementing many chemical processes for a wide variety of industrial wastewaters. A variety of system sizes and options allow configurations to fit a customer’s batch treatment requirements. The BTS systems are offered with manual, semi-automatic and automatic, sequential control processes reducing operator time and providing consistent treatment results, and allows for data logging, as well as flexible chemical process implementation.

Vehicle Wash water Treatment Systems

For car washes, military wash racks and all wash water applications our VEW vehicle wash treatment systems are provided for single pass treat and discharge or fully recycling or reclaiming water for reuse. Our EnBio biological treatment systems are offer either as a separate treatment system or as part of the VEW system to finalize the recycling of the water.

pH Neutralization

The CRT-pH Series pH neutralization systems are designed for pre or post adjustment of wastestream pH values that vary in the same direction from the required value or variable pH levels in any direction. The system is an integrated design that monitors and controls pH levels within a neutralization vessel via adjustable chemical metering pump.

The system is designed for uses such as meeting discharge (6-9) requirement, metals precipitation, pH neutralization etc. Applications are reviewed and system flexibility matched to achieve required solution.

The systems are configured to control pH by metering acid, base or both to meet project requirements. The standard system design shall incorporate treatment of a continuous stream. Where desired or required the system can be configured for use on a batch basis.

Customization & modifications to fit your project needs are offered. Flow rate range accommodated is 5-500 GPM.

Control Systems

Pan America provides standard and custom integrated electrical controls with our treatment systems where stand alone options are used or a complete, integrated treatment system design is provided. Our standard electrical provision consists of NEMA 4 designs. We also offer separate control panels for your existing component control needs.

Each order begins with electrical logic design, component selection, internal/external panel layout followed by professionally organized and clean assembly with shop testing prior to installation and wiring on your piece of equipment. Once installed on the treatment equipment we perform functional testing and setup of each device to verify proper operation.

Customization, modifications & options are available to tailor the system to your project.

Small Project

PLC Micro Automation Direct Click model hardware & software by standard, other PLC manufacturers by quote.

Medium Project

PLC Medium Automation Direct, DirectLogic models 05 thru 405 hardware & software by standard, other PLC manufacturers by quote.

Large Project

PLC Large platform Automation Direct DirectLogic model Productivity 3000 hardware & software by standard, other PLC manufacturers by quote.

HMI Per project by quote, using Automation Direct touch screens.

Quality Control

    Full Inspection check-off

    • Wire pull tests
    • Continuity Testing
    • Conformance to Prints/BOM

    Functional Testing as required
    PLC I/O Function Testing
    PAE Certification and Conformance Documentation

Industries Served

Whether you are an automotive company implementing a water reuse program a manufacturer implementing a coolant life extension program or an airport needing storm water runoff control Pan America can help you as we have thousands of customers.

Industries and Applications Served:

  Aircraft wash rack

  Airport runoff water

  Automotive manufacturing

  Car wash water

  Coolant recovery

  Primary metal industries

  Fabricated metal products

  Food processing plants

  Frac water production

  Groundwater remediation

  Lumber and wood products

  Machine shops

  Military wash racks & storm runoff

 Mining operations

  Oil drilling operations

  Produced water

  Pulp and paper mills



  Plating shops

  Biodiesel production

  Ship bilge and ballast treatment facilities

  Storm water runoff

  Vehicle maintenance shops

  Train maintenance and wash racks

  Slaughter houses





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