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pH neutralization
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EpH pH Neutralization Systems

pH neutralization and pH adjustment systems are offered for a wide variety of industrial applications. pH NEUTRALIZATION SYSTEM EpH

Product Description

The EpH pH neutralization and pH adjustment systems monitor and maintain a pH set point on a continuous basis from a wash water waste stream and a wide variety of industrial waste streams. The typical wastewater pH range for treatment is from 4-11. Effluent from the pH system is usually in the 6-9 pH range per most local POTW discharge limits. The pH neutralization system configuration includes: – HDPE tank – Full cover with vapor gasket and inspection hatch – Mixer with TEFC motor – 316 SS impeller shaft and axial flow impeller(s) – One chemical metering pump (optional second pump available) – pH probe with quick release assembly – pH controller – NEMA 4X control panel – 115V/1pH/60Hz and 230/460V/3pH/60 Hz power Systems are configurable to meet the standard continuous neutralization mode or optional manual and semi-automatic batch modes. Options: – Chart recorder – Effluent diversion valve (available on continuous flow systems only) – PLC controls – Explosion proof design – 2nd metering pump & controls – Alternate tank construction: FRP, polypropylene, coated steel, 304/316 stainless steel. Larger size systems available.

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