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Bag Filter Systems Model BF

Pan America Environmental, Inc. offers a complete line of single, duplex and multi-bag filter housings. Manufactured from coated carbon steel, 304SS, 316SS and Polypropylene all of our units are designed to accept industry standard filter bags. Designed for maximum flow, our standard units are manufactured to 150 psi ratings (300 psi or higher ratings available). ASME Code or non-code vessels are available to meet your requirements.

Bag Filters are an accepted filtration technology for gross particulate filtration applications including drinking water applications and system pretreatment. Bag filters tend to have higher flow rate capabilities at lower pressure drops, higher particle loading capabilities and lower prices than other solids filtration technologies.

Bag filters remove large solids and particulates from fluids and are provided for treatment of flows from 5 to 5, 200GPM. Replaceable bag filters are available for high solids holding capacity from 1 to 100 micron nominal rating. These filters can be applied to a wide variety of filtration applications and will allow you to meet or exceed discharge requirements.  Single,
duplex and multi-bag housings can be provided individually and as skid-mounted systems able to operate at up to 150 PSI, these filters can be operated either as  stand-alone units in sediment filtration or manifolded with other treatment equipment.


Bag filter systems can be provided in single or in parallel/series orientation depending on the project needs.
The filter construction can be aluminum, coated carbon steel, 304/316 SS or polypropylene.

When provided in parallel or series mounting a piping manifold is provided for inlet and outlet. Piping is typically schedule 80 PVC, but can change depending on application requirements.

Flow rates up to 50 gpm (BL44), 220 gpm (BL88), or 250 gpm (BLM88)

Four lengths available, 6-, 12-, 15-, and 30-inch, depending upon the required surface area and volume of fluid to be filtered

Carbon steel and 304 or 316 Stainless Steel material
Each vessel is factory hydro-tested
Low pressure drop
Quick-swing strap band closure

Buna-N lid seal
Differential, drain, and vent ports

304 Stainless Steel strainer basket in Carbon Steel and 304 Stainless Steel Housings
316 Stainless Steel straner basket in 316 Stainless Steel housing
Accepts #1, #2, #3, #4 and #12-size bag filters, depending on model
Two-part epoxy paint finish on carbon vessels
Adjustable support legs included

Larger Sizes

Flow rates up to 220 GPM
Accepts #1-size and #2-size bag filters

Two-part epoxy paint finish on carbon vessels


Coated carbon steel / Stainless Steel, Non-Code

– Coated carbon steel / 304/316 SS construction
– BUNA-N O-ring
– 2″ NPTF threaded or 2” RF 150lb ANSI flanged
– Available in 65 gpm (size P1) or 125 gpm (size P2) flow rates
– Rated at 150 psi @ 200°F

Coated carbon steel / Stainless Steel, ASME Code

– Coated carbon steel, 304/316 SS construction
– BUNA-A O-ring
– RF 150lb ANSI flanged connections
– Single bag housings available with swing bolt closure
– Multi bag housings have swing bolt spring-assist closur


– Heavy duty reinforced polypropylene construction
– Viton Seals
– 1″, 1.5″ & 2″ NPTF connections
– Available in 5-50 gpm (size P1) or 100 gpm (size P2) flow rates
– Rated at 125 psi and 150 psi @ 80°F
– Single or Duplex valved A/B bank diversion operation


Filter bag ratings available:
– Polypropylene bags: 1, 5, 10, 25, 50,100 micron.

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