1. Coalescing media increases oil water separator flow and performance

    April 9, 2016 by Scott


    Coalescing Media

    Whether you have an existing concrete tank, cialis buy steel oil water separator or need to design and build a new concrete separator our Flopak coalescing media can decrease the oil separator size, viagra canada increase flow and increase performance. We can review your application and existing tank or vault to retrofit your tank into a high performance oil separation system.

    Precast Oil Water Separators

    If you manufacture precast oil water separators and vaults and would like to improve their performance or enter the below ground oil separator market contact us today. We can review your tank and recommend a Flopak coalescing media program that will make you competitive while providing the performance required on your projects.

    If you have an existing competitors oil separator that needs media or needs improved performance call us to review your system 847-487-9166. 

    Pan America Environmental, Inc. can assist your engineering team in the design of your oil water separator facility for flow rates 5-250,000 GPM. 


    Get brochures on our oil water separator media:  http://www.oil-separator-media.com/





  2. Coalescing Oil Water Separators Most Versatile Separator

    March 24, 2016 by Scott


    The OS Series coalescing oil water separators are the most versatile of oil water separator designs. This separator reduces footprint, generic viagra  cost, viagra usa maintenance and increases performance when compared to gravity separators, TPI and API separators. This design can be used for removal of an extremely wide variety of hydrocarbons, bio-oils, LNAPL, DNAPL products consisting of fuels, oils, petroleum distillates, creosote/pentachlorophenol combinations, Bunker C, JP fuels, heat transfer fluids, transmission fluids, peanut oil, corn oil and the list goes on and on.

    The OS Series separators are one of 8 different models for flow rates 5  to 250,000 GPM.

    The industrial duty OS design has many features such as solids V-hopper, adjustable water weir, integral inlet diffuser, A-36 carbon steel or stainless steel construction and many options to provide engineers, system integrators and end users with convenience and flexibility in oil separator system configuration choices.

    Customization & modifications to fit your project needs are offered. Typical performance is 10 ppm or less, 30 micron oil droplet.

    OS Separators:http://www.panamenv.com/product/os-series-oil-water-separator/

    Our Flopak coalescing media can be provided where the OS design is to be of concrete construction, for more information: http://www.oil-separator-media.com/


  3. Slant Plate Clarifiers Offer Low Cost Solids Settling

    March 9, 2016 by Scott








    Pan America Environmental SPC Series, discount viagra  Slant Plate Clarifiers are a high performance, generic viagra Lamella plate design for removal of settleable solids in a variety of wastestreams.

    The Slant Plate Clarifiers compact, footprint design requires less installation space than conventional or tube type clarifiers. The SPC design incorporates slant plate settling surfaces pitched at a 55° angle from the horizontal with uniform plate spacing. Different plate spacing is available: 1″, 1.25″, 1.5″ & 2″ depending on your application details.

    Due to plate angle the solids slide down the plates into the sludge hopper below the plate pack. The simple, inexpensive design, combined with no moving parts or sludge auger makes the SPC easy to install, operate and maintain. Materials of construction offered are: coated A36 carbon steel, 304/316 SS, polypropylene.

    Our unique Extreme V  Slant Plate Clarifier design / oil water separator can treat oils and solids:


    Chemical pretreatment often improves SPC solids removal efficiencies. The use of chemical flocculants with the Slant Plant Clarifier is based on system efficiency, application (use of SPC) contaminant characteristics and cost. Commonly used chemicals include trivalent metallic salts of iron, such as FeCI2 or FeSO4 or aluminum, such as AISO4. Organic and inorganic polymers (cationic or anionic) are often used to enhance the settling process. The most commonly used inorganic polymers are the polyacrylamides.

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