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Dissolved Air Flotation
Slant Plate Clarifier
Chemical Reaction Treatment
Ph Neutralization
Batch Treatment
Groundwater Remediation
Bilge Water Treatment
Car Wash Treatment
Emulsion Cracking
Coalescing Media

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Industrial wastewater treatment systems

We design,develop and manufacture a wide variety of innovative industrial wastewater treatment and production process systems to serve many industries and markets. Our designs are continuously reviewed and upgraded to implement our new ideas.

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Overview of Products

Industrial wastewater systems

Our industrial wastewater treatment systems consists of designs that have application across a wide variety of industries from animal processing to zinc precipitation, ships bilge water treatment to vegetable rinse water processing our designs are flexible and can be found in many different applications.

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Wastewater Treatment Parts

Industrial wastewater treatment parts

Our Aftermarket Parts Department can provide you with any replacement part for your Pan America Environmental Industrial Waste Water Treatment System, as well for many competitors’ designs

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Custom Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems

One of our greatest strengths is our value added services and designs that are offered before and after the sale.

Customization: We have an extensive capability to customize our standard equipment and treatment systems to tailor a solution to your application instead of forcing an application to fit the available equipment. Our broad product offering and knowledge of other technologies allows us to combine our technologies into a wide variety of multi-stage treatment scenarios to fit your needs.

We customize 70% of the projects we sell, so we are familiar with many creative additions to maximize your system use.

Support: We provide engineering and application support assistance to review your project and round out the equipment required to provide a complete solution.

Engineered Design Solutions: Pan America engineers each of its product lines from industrial materials and each product is specifically designed and purpose built for the waste water to be treated. Instead of adapting off-the-shelf plastic tanks and spa filters we provide engineered industrial solutions.

Overview of Wastewater Treatment Products

Through combination and customization of our treatment technologies into complete solutions Pan America Environmental can offer fully integrated systems designed with users in mind.

Whether stationary or mobile our design expertise will fulfill or exceed the application needs. All systems can be modular, skid mounted, containerized, trailer mounted and oil field skid mounted as dictated by use and customer goals. Our electrical design can accommodate non-hazardous or hazardous environments such as Class 1 Div 1 Group D or other class of environment.

Components are very important to the life expectancy of a treatment system. This is why we use heavy duty industrial components that last and have long maintenance cycles so you don’t have to worry about component failures.

Materials of construction are always an important element of design and we can offer coated carbon steel using a wide variety of coatings, 304/316 and super duplex stainless, FRP, HDPE, polypropylene and other materials to match the application demands.

Wastewater Treatment Parts

Parts are an important element to machinery up time. While we provide excellent components and are supported by excellent component manufacturers things can go wrong and we will be there to provide you with any replacement part for your Pan America Environmental Industrial Waste Water Treatment Systems.

Pan America Environmental, Inc
2309 N. Ringwood Rd., Ste G, McHenry, IL 60050 USA
815.344.2960   •   panam@panamenv.com

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